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15 Jan 2018

Club Nights Posted on Mon, January 15, 2018 22:40:21

Tonight there was a trial game of Sword & Spear as KOW does not give me that big mass battle feel. I liked it as once the basics are mastered dice management and tactics become more important.
oh i lost both small games but it plays in an evening even with about 15 units a side

January 2018

Club Nights Posted on Sat, January 13, 2018 21:38:48

After a brief return to the underhive

Konflict 47 is back practice for Bridgehead at the BIC
But first

Pics from NecroMonday

28th August 2017

Club Nights Posted on Sun, September 03, 2017 21:52:54

It has been a while since the last posting and we have a new member to welcome aboard. So……”Hello Mark”.

Over the last several weeks the club has taken to Konflict 1947 – a weird WW2 alternative history game based on the popular Bolt Action system. So much so that Tiger tanks and Shermans are appearing on many new battlefields.

It can be lonely on patrol, especially when friendly mortar are registered in on you.

The rest of the forces are barring the approach to a radar station – ordinary conventional forces boosted by elite armoured jump troopers.

Reinforcements are on their way — don’t be alarmed that’s smoke not HE.

and to complete the German sandwich, here comes the liberators of the mother land.

But some of us are experiencing Guild Ball – a fantasy ball game which is more like Aussie rules than rugby union. So you can pass in any direction, use weapons and bounce the ball off of scenery elements to score that G-O-A-L.

The next 2 weeks promise more Konflict and Guild Ball

End of the SAGA 12th June

Club Nights Posted on Tue, June 13, 2017 18:27:58

To mark the end of a few weeks playing SAGA we tried
something a little different.

Tonight, we had to use a named leader from the books with
their special rules. So, Saladin tipped up along with Harold Godwinson (and his
annoying brothers), Cnut (twice: one being an undiscovered imposter), Gruffydd
dp Llywelyn and Ragnor Lothbrok.

We paired off and rolled for scenario. Two tables had
baggage trains to fight over – well it was in the days before BACS and EFT when
robbing monks to steal the gold and brandy is allowed. The third table rolled
“The Challenge” – which is where your leaders start in charging distance and immediately set about each other. The rest of their forces have
to rush in and aid their beleaguered chief.

Next week starts a change of era with

“It is World War 2 Jim, but not as we know it”

SAGA – 29 May 2017

Club Nights Posted on Fri, June 02, 2017 18:00:32

Tonight was the second of 4 nights of SAGA. The final night being for Kings to lead their best troops for the crown of Britain.

First a chance to remember tales of olde and make hero’s and legends from our exploits in miniature.

Or at least to relearn some of those rules we’ve forgotten,

After a long weary trek these lost Vikings are seeking out a good nights lodgings — of course without paying and hand maidens included with room service.
This settlement seems like a good place, but where’s the cook and catering staff, let alone the bell boys and scullery maids?

Reception is open and a welcoming party is rushing to your aid. Don’t worry about the strength of the Krona we intend to make you generously pay with your heads.

This is going to take more than Odin and Loki to resolve, roll on the battle boards but when you really need a double six the dice gods will give you

Break Out Night

Club Nights Posted on Wed, April 26, 2017 23:01:15

After many weeks playing Kings of War it was decided to have a change and have the chance to play some games which have been shouting “play me” for a while.

First up

Battletech – the big robot game from 1984 but is still going strong.

and latter on once Tony had pulled off some head shots. There were a few less colossal mechanisations to stop him claiming world domination.

Raphael and I continued playing the current ‘out of production’ but still a classic Hell Dorado skirmish game. The combatants were Crusaders v Saracens. We used the clubs western bolder terrain and placed all the objectives upon its tops. This forced us to agree some rules for climbing as we could not find them in the rule book.A close thing as treasure (primamata) is worth far more than skulls. Yet only counted if you could get it back to your deployment area. So grab treasure and avoid combat, but use you strong troopers as blockers to limit your opponents movement. Note combat is simultaneous, so try not to start a fight which you can’t finish.

Finally – fear note the club army for Kings of War and also suitable proxies for other games has grown, here are some knights.

The Not so Good, Bad and the Ugly

Club Nights Posted on Tue, March 28, 2017 22:05:44

Tonight Ben was showing off the Barbarians – whose plan A seemed to be charge, slaughter, regroup, charge, slaughter, and so on. Well until we can work out how to derail the juggernaut why change it.

If this was not scary enough then pack some out riders
or if you need some killing power that a troop or two of – these are NOT space marines
Although the skulls of men were quickly assembled the Elves were busy playing a game of Kikkerland with a soon to be re-dead army.

These mighty super powers nearly get to trade blows — but only fools wake up dragons.Campaign starts next week — training wheels are off

20th February 2017

Club Nights Posted on Sun, February 26, 2017 11:07:58

The good thing about playing the same games system for a number of weeks is that it encourages you to get ‘new’ stuff.

This week wham bang new toy on the table – a big one as well
And sometimes, someone will turn up with a completely new army, but in the mean time each week another figure or two appears painted.

Whilst the modelling factories are in full swing wound markers are being piloted
Note the skulls on the spikes, there will be different colours for single 5 wounds and 10 wounds.

Above battle lines in the centre are closing in whilst over the building and to the right that flank is exchanging punches galore but the other flank could not with stand the bombardment of 3 heavy mortars and a thunderous charge or two.

Unit of the week – came though against over whelming odds

Something evil this way comes……….

and next week they’re could be pictures of waiver tokens

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