It has been a while since the last posting and we have a new member to welcome aboard. So……”Hello Mark”.

Over the last several weeks the club has taken to Konflict 1947 – a weird WW2 alternative history game based on the popular Bolt Action system. So much so that Tiger tanks and Shermans are appearing on many new battlefields.

It can be lonely on patrol, especially when friendly mortar are registered in on you.

The rest of the forces are barring the approach to a radar station – ordinary conventional forces boosted by elite armoured jump troopers.

Reinforcements are on their way — don’t be alarmed that’s smoke not HE.

and to complete the German sandwich, here comes the liberators of the mother land.

But some of us are experiencing Guild Ball – a fantasy ball game which is more like Aussie rules than rugby union. So you can pass in any direction, use weapons and bounce the ball off of scenery elements to score that G-O-A-L.

The next 2 weeks promise more Konflict and Guild Ball