To mark the end of a few weeks playing SAGA we tried
something a little different.

Tonight, we had to use a named leader from the books with
their special rules. So, Saladin tipped up along with Harold Godwinson (and his
annoying brothers), Cnut (twice: one being an undiscovered imposter), Gruffydd
dp Llywelyn and Ragnor Lothbrok.

We paired off and rolled for scenario. Two tables had
baggage trains to fight over – well it was in the days before BACS and EFT when
robbing monks to steal the gold and brandy is allowed. The third table rolled
“The Challenge” – which is where your leaders start in charging distance and immediately set about each other. The rest of their forces have
to rush in and aid their beleaguered chief.

Next week starts a change of era with

“It is World War 2 Jim, but not as we know it”