Tonight was the second of 4 nights of SAGA. The final night being for Kings to lead their best troops for the crown of Britain.

First a chance to remember tales of olde and make hero’s and legends from our exploits in miniature.

Or at least to relearn some of those rules we’ve forgotten,

After a long weary trek these lost Vikings are seeking out a good nights lodgings — of course without paying and hand maidens included with room service.
This settlement seems like a good place, but where’s the cook and catering staff, let alone the bell boys and scullery maids?

Reception is open and a welcoming party is rushing to your aid. Don’t worry about the strength of the Krona we intend to make you generously pay with your heads.

This is going to take more than Odin and Loki to resolve, roll on the battle boards but when you really need a double six the dice gods will give you