After many weeks playing Kings of War it was decided to have a change and have the chance to play some games which have been shouting “play me” for a while.

First up

Battletech – the big robot game from 1984 but is still going strong.

and latter on once Tony had pulled off some head shots. There were a few less colossal mechanisations to stop him claiming world domination.

Raphael and I continued playing the current ‘out of production’ but still a classic Hell Dorado skirmish game. The combatants were Crusaders v Saracens. We used the clubs western bolder terrain and placed all the objectives upon its tops. This forced us to agree some rules for climbing as we could not find them in the rule book.A close thing as treasure (primamata) is worth far more than skulls. Yet only counted if you could get it back to your deployment area. So grab treasure and avoid combat, but use you strong troopers as blockers to limit your opponents movement. Note combat is simultaneous, so try not to start a fight which you can’t finish.

Finally – fear note the club army for Kings of War and also suitable proxies for other games has grown, here are some knights.