The good thing about playing the same games system for a number of weeks is that it encourages you to get ‘new’ stuff.

This week wham bang new toy on the table – a big one as well
And sometimes, someone will turn up with a completely new army, but in the mean time each week another figure or two appears painted.

Whilst the modelling factories are in full swing wound markers are being piloted
Note the skulls on the spikes, there will be different colours for single 5 wounds and 10 wounds.

Above battle lines in the centre are closing in whilst over the building and to the right that flank is exchanging punches galore but the other flank could not with stand the bombardment of 3 heavy mortars and a thunderous charge or two.

Unit of the week – came though against over whelming odds

Something evil this way comes……….

and next week they’re could be pictures of waiver tokens