Alas tonight was affected by an outbreak of Avian or Man Flu.

But that did not stop us having a go at slugging it out on the table – just had to proxy in some models before they got fully glued together to fill out for the absent Elves. Aim was to have more of your army on their half of the table than they have on yours. A cunning plan was needed but it was missing in action.

First “take that” counter charge Then note the evil chuckle as the dice are being warmed up and we got some new buildings to
One of those if our charge does not clear away the enemy we don’t get a second change moments

Tactical note: we are fighting bigger battles, you will need to have reserves in a second line to plug gaps and mop up, break though as well as flanks being turned and flyers. Both sides had a shortage of missile armed troops – the recruiting sargents have been sent out